TASC Taiwan Asia Strategy Consulting

The company was founded by Michael Boyden in early 1997 – and registered in Taiwan under the tax number 16170114 – as the corporate platform for activities in the fields of management consulting, market research, business advisory, forecasting and information.

These are principally…

  • Taiwan Business Leaders’ Forum, a senior executive peer group forum providing economic and political analysis and forecasting to MNCs and local companies through a program of interactive sessions. TBLF is a member of the AXP Asia Expertise network of peer group forums across the Asia Pacific region, all formerly Country Associates of the Economist Group’s Corporate Network peer group business.
  • Market analysis, market intelligence, cost/benefit surveys, partner search, market entry strategies and competition assessment for foreign companies and government organizations with an interest in Taiwan as a market. Research projects have been undertaken in the fields of biotechnology products, concrete, educational services, agri-business, construction materials, beverage packaging, dairy foods and construction machinery. Additionally, there have been background assessments of companies and persons of interest in the business community.
  • Assisting potential foreign investors in their initial feasibility surveys and then establishing their presence and operations in Taiwan.
  • Facilitation and briefing services for corporate gatherings – helping participants attain the goals and objectives around which the event was arranged.


Managing Director, TASC Taiwan Asia Strategy Consulting

Michael Boyden is a British national who has lived and worked in Taiwan since early 1989. During that time he has been engaged in non-core business development for a major local industrial group; country manager for a MNC in the food & beverage industry; an associate consultant on hotel projects with KPMG Peat Marwick; an independent consultant and operational manager in the local hospitality industry; and Taiwan country manager for a Hong Kong-based management consulting firm. His previous career experience included operations and business development for large service industry companies in the Middle East, south-east Asia, Hong Kong and China, as well as hotel industry management and project development in the UK.

From 1996 – 2008 he was Country Associate in Taiwan for the Economist Group’s Corporate Network business. That collaboration centered on the Taiwan Business Leaders’ Forum (TBLF) executive peer group program as well as working with Economist Conferences on roundtables with governments across the Asia Pacific region and presenting on Taiwan’s political economy at their regional events.

He continues to organize and chair the TBLF, which now has a membership comprising multinational companies and organizations representing diverse industries and interests. There is an annual program of scheduled peer group sessions with additional ad hoc gatherings.

Under his direction TASC handles consulting assignments for foreign companies and government organizations, chiefly in the areas of market intelligence and assessment, market entry strategies and local economic and industrial analysis. The firm also assists foreign companies in partner search and establishing their presence and operations in Taiwan.

Formerly Managing Associate in Taiwan for the Tokyo-based training and team-building company IWNC Group, Michael now provides facilitation and economic briefings for corporate gatherings and business meetings.

Michael is married to Katy (Ho Ching-hui) who is Taiwanese and they live in the Tianmou district of Taipei city with their daughter Victoria, now in her third and final undergraduate year at the University of Leeds in the UK. Both have been involved in community affairs: Michael is a past general committee member and Deputy Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (BCCT) as well as sitting on the Board of Governors of the American Club in Taipei for 5 years. He has also served for several years on the Steering Committee of the Community Services Center and was its Interim Director for six months in 2012.

Edited April 2020