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Economy & Business : New Markets

In recent months, there has been a recovery in growth in advanced economies. While this may continue in the foreseeable future, the contribution of emerging markets to new global demand will continue to increase and eventually outpace that of Western… Continue Reading →

Politics and Economy : Structural Initiatives in India

In the current financial year, growth took a hit in the wake of demonetisation and the subsequent roll-out of goods and services tax (GST). However, we believe these will soon be behind us and recovery, going forward, should be robust… Continue Reading →

Business & Finance : India’s middle class

Hard to miss the middle class The size of India’s consumer markets and the definition of its middle class is a subject that is frequently prone to confusion. Recently, The Economist, a London-based magazine, published a briefing entitled “India’s Missing… Continue Reading →

2018 Asia Risk Assessment by Steve Vickers Associates

This report by Hong Kong based Steve Vickers & Associates, contributed by our own associates IMA Asia, highlights the current principal country risk items in Asia’s major economies. Steve Vickers Associates is a specialist risk mitigation, corporate intelligence and risk… Continue Reading →

Cheap oil: here to stay?

Cheap oil: here to stay? Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, to extract hydrocarbon reserves trapped in shale rock formations created a riot in the energy industry a few years ago. Within a short span of time, shale oil companies… Continue Reading →

Politics and economy: US administration

An administration in limbo President Donald Trump’s shocking defence of white supremacists, following the tragic clashes at Charlottesville, has divided the Republican establishment as much as it has split the nation. This cannot augur well for America’s economic policy, specifically… Continue Reading →

Public taxation

Remove the veil On a certain date each year in October, just past the midnight hour, the Government of the Kingdom of Norway posts online the annual tax returns of all its citizens. The list contains every taxpayer’s total income… Continue Reading →

China’s assertiveness

Pointless Assertiveness China’s decision to discard previous notions of neutrality between India and Pakistan and align both foreign policy and strategic outlook with Islamabad seems inconsistent considering its desire to play on the global stage as an emerging super power…. Continue Reading →

Decline in Chinese tourists prompts more caution among luxury retailers; may drive increased sales of medium sized hotels

The latest Taiwan Tourism Bureau data show that visitor arrivals to Taiwan decreased by 5.7% y-o-y to 5.12 million in H1 2017, due mainly to a 40.1% y-o-y decline in Chinese visitor arrivals. Visitor arrivals from mainland China have declined… Continue Reading →

Market transformation: strategies for tapping Asia’s newest growth driver

This paper captures the discussion at IMA Asia’s Asia CEO Forum Overnight in Singapore, 17-18th May 2017. Key Takeaways Strategies in Asia have typically aligned with underlying drivers, such as rising incomes or export manufacturing. Today, several new forces are… Continue Reading →

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