TASC Taiwan Asia Strategy Consulting incorporating Taiwan Business Leaders’ Forum

Most Recent Event – Thursday 31 August 2017

Challenged: the outlook for Taiwan’s economy

Reforms needed internally, adaptation externally

Speaker: Dr Darson Chiu, Research fellow at TIER

Plus…a briefing/update on Taiwan’s economic and political outlook
Political comment provided by Ross Feingold

To register, call Michael on 0927 707 868 or send an email at michael@economist.com.tw

UPLAS/56 Conference Room 10F No.96 Nanjing E. Road Sec. 2
Corner Nanking E. Road Sec. 2 and Yi-Jiang Street – next to Taiwan Fertiliser Building
Call Michael on 0927 707 868 if lost 
3.30 pm registration Meeting 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm
Light refreshments will be served

TBLF Members and guests are invited to raise comments or questions for response during the meeting. Please fax or email them to the TBLF office at….(02) 8789 0877 for fax or execasst@economist.com.tw

Program details are correct at the time of publication but may change before the event.

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