The TBLF Program for 2017-18 will largely derive its content from these…

Key Corporate Knowledge Areas

Leadership and Good Governance

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability
  • Leadership development, succession planning and localization
  • Practical ethics of leadership and corporate governance

The Business of Human Resources

  • Talent acquisition, retention, diversity and development
  • Strategic workforce planning
  • People management, measurement and rewards

The Economics of the Business Environment

  • Risks and opportunities in the changing global, regional, local economy
  • Innovation, investment and information: creating wealth and value
  • Growth dynamics: companies and countries

Building a Great Organization

  • Optimizing performance: combining global and local best practice
  • Alignment: cultures, personalities, practices
  • Sourcing and process improvement and delivering results


We anticipate that during the course of the 2017-18 program we will be able to add some specifics to these Key Corporate Knowledge Areas from the intellectual content generated by the TBLF peer group presentations, discussions and peer interaction.