The Taiwan Business Leaders’ Forum is an exclusive membership program for senior executives of Taiwan-based business enterprises. Part of an international network of executive peer group forums, it aims to deliver thought-provoking analysis of and informed comment on the issues that affect local and regional business strategy – and the bottom line.

Through a series of interactive meetings with presentations and supporting documentation, the Taiwan Business Leaders’ Forum offers senior executives the opportunity to monitor, evaluate and anticipate developments in the local and regional business environment. Sessions are led by Economist Conferences’ regional analysts and/or invited guest speakers and the topics comprising the annual program are largely chosen by Members themselves to address their most pressing concerns and interests.

Interaction – between speakers and audience, Member to Member – is the essence of the Taiwan Business Leaders’ Forum. It offers the opportunity, unique in Taiwan, to learn from peers and look beyond the familiar corporate circle for new approaches to strategic challenges.

Keeping track of developments both locally and regionally is time-consuming and costly. Membership of our executive peer group forum will prove to be an invaluable, cost-effective and time-saving business advisory service and external information resource.

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