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Last Event – Thursday the 31 of May 2018

Half time : the DPP government 2 years in. An assessment of the scoreboard so far.

What adjustments must Coach Ing-Wen make to ensure her team has a winning second half ? And gets to play the next round. 

Half time commentary by :

Thomas H. (Tom) McGowan
Legal Consultant – Russin & Vecchi law firm, Taipei Office


Plus…a briefing/update on Taiwan’s economic and political outlook
Political comment provided by Ross Feingold

With Q&A and peer groupe discussion to follow.

To register, call Michael on 0927 707 868 or send an email at michael@economist.com.tw



Ross Feingold, 31 May 2018


Thomas McGowan, April 28, 2017


Ross Feingold, March 24, 2017


Michael Boyden, March 24, 2017


Raymond J. Wu, Ph.D., March 24, 2017