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Next Event – Wednesday the 16 of January 2019

UNDER PRESSURE: the DPP government and party  need to learn – fast – the lessons from the recent elections

An assessment of the chances of that happening and their securing re-election

And what should the KMT be doing to build on their success and give themselves a good shot at returning to office in 2020?

To speak to it, we welcome back Tom McGowan – Legal Consultant in the Taipei office of Russin & Vecchi law firm.

As in previous sessions, Tom will share with us, inter alia, his customarily well-informed view of the consequences of how – or not – the government has fulfilled its promises, got its priorities right, overcome its challenges and could conceivably position itself for re-election in 2020.

There will also be our regular update on Taiwan’s political shenanigans from Ross Feingold and a (hopefully) brief homily on doings in the world of the dismal science from the Accidental Economist. 

With Q&A and peer group discussion to follow.

To register, call Michael on 0927 707 868 or send an email at michael@economist.com.tw

Last Event – Thursday the 29 of November 2018

Médecins sans Frontières  – Doctors without Borders     

presented by Chiao-Yu Joanna Cheng, Manager in Taiwan for MSF.        
We learned how MSF works across the world, including here in Asia…and how companies and organizations can give them help and support as part of their community outreach/CSR strategy, to mutual benefit.
Joanna also shared with us her recent experience with MSF in the Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh
And as ever…there was incisive comment on ‘Politics as usual’ by Ross Feingold and a mercifully brief update on Taiwan’s economic progress (or not) by the Accidental Economist, ably supported by current intern Keil.

With Q&A and peer group discussion to follow.

For more information, call Michael on 0927 707 868 or send an email at michael@economist.com.tw



Joanna Cheng, November 25, 2018


MSF Report Close-Up, November 25, 2018


Michael Boyden, November 25, 2018


Peer Group, November 25, 2018


Ross Feingold, 31 May 2018


Thomas McGowan, April 28, 2017


Ross Feingold, March 24, 2017


Michael Boyden, March 24, 2017


Raymond J. Wu, Ph.D., March 24, 2017