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TASC Taiwan Asia Strategy Consulting provides corporate and other organizations with an economics advisory and forecasting service and customized research – along with a program of peer group sessions delivering timely business information and expert opinion in an interactive environment.

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The TBLF program and the coronavirus pandemic

After postponing our kick-off 2020 session in February and also the one due on 26 March (no notification issued for that), we will probably set a date in late April to get under way, with the notification landing in your in-box in the last week of this month, March. That will depend on the situation here in Taiwan remaining calm yet vigilant; should there soon be a flare-up in the number of people infected beyond its present moderate 59 (as of 16 March), we might well then have to think again. We will of course be taking the usual practical precautions – temperature screening on entry as well as hand sanitizing; and I have been assured that our usual venue’s owner
won’t mandate wearing a mask – although certainly anybody who wants to, can. But I am heartened to see other business-related events scheduled in the coming weeks, two such being the All-Chamber Spring Happy Hour on 16 April and the CCIFT (French Chamber) 2020 General Assembly on 9 April.

We aim to keep you informed

Meanwhile we will shortly be sending to our closer TBLF community an update on Taiwan’s economic outlook in its global, regional and local context, along with comment on the economic fallout from Covid-19; plus a piece by Ross Feingold to bring us up to speed on recent happenings in the ROC’s internal and external politics.

Last Event – Thursday 13 August 2020

the Impact of COVID-19

Where we are now – and where are we going?

Led and presented by

Cindel Baudin
Graduate student Master’s program in Chinese
Paris Diderot University

With Q&A and peer group discussion to follow.

Plus…briefing and update on Taiwan’s economic and political outlook
Political commentary provided by Ross Feingold

CINDEL BAUDIN, the French graduate student who has been interning with me since March, will soon complete her assignment. She has been of huge help: inter alia, with researching and compiling our economics presentations; and ensuring that our TBLF virtual sessions actually happen.

For her farewell oeuvre, Cindel has delivered a self-authored, thoughtful presentation on the Impact of Covid-19. She has been bookended by Ross Feingold on Politics and myself (aka the Accidental Economist) on Economics.

For more information, call Michael on 0927 707 868 or send an email at michael@economist.com.tw



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